Custom Loss Mitigation Services

Through our work with distressed borrowers we’ve determined that there is a great need for custom loss mitigation services. These are some of the areas we are looking to expand and develop for the benefit of our clients:

Mortgage Loan Repurchase Request Rebuttal Services

Although this is partially covered under Loss Mitigation Consulting, we feel there is room for great improvement in this area. We offer an outsourcing program of the whole rebuttal process and response and through what we have learned, believe we can find any contractual inconsistencies or injustices that may exist, on the part of the servicer or investor.

Residential Mortgage Backed Security (RMBS) Investor Consulting

We offer Consulting Services to RMBS Investors who are seeking to define their potential losses on the loans in their RMBS Mortgage Trusts. We also offer advisory services to their legal counsel to help determine any compensatory damages to which they may be entitled.