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  • Sergeant Jose Rodriguez

    Mastic Beach, NY

    Mr. Wallace when I arrived home last night I received great news! Bank of America finally approved my permanent modification! Before you got involved and helped me, I had been trying to get a modification from Bank of America for over two years, but just kept getting the run around. Not only did you get them to reduce my monthly mortgage payment by over $800 dollars a month, you were able to get back two years worth of extra interest they were illegally charging me while I was in combat in Iraq. I owe you big time. I’m out of words of gratitude. Thank you so much for helping me and my family keep my home!

  • Thomas Monte

    Executive Vice President Continental Home Loans inc.

    Mr. Wallace\'s experience and leadership in starting, building,and managing a highly successful mortgage banking company in over a twenty year period is invaluable. Wallace has the unique ability to adapt to a changing environment quickly and effectively.This makes Wallace an ideal business partner.

  • Bruce T. Silva

    Continental Home Loans Inc.

    The combination of mortgage banking, title insurance, and real estate management experience gives Wallace the ability to handle the complexities of today\'s distressed real estate market better than anyone